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Jinnah; Myth And Reality By Yasser Latif Hamdani

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"Do Ahmadis deserve to live in Pakistan?"-Critique
Yasser Latif Hamdani is a prolific, young writer and an ardent lawyer based in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1998, he went to Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, for his graduation before moving to Punjab University for his further education. He has authored "Jinnah; Myth and Reality," in which he argues that Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, wanted Pakistan to be a secular democratic state. As a lawyer, Hamdani has contested several public interest cases including the Bhagat Singh case. Currently, he is arguing the case for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan. Also, he has been named as one of the 12, Asia society's young leaders for the year 2013. ...view middle of the document...

He first annotates the services rendered by Ahmadis in the struggle for Pakistan and outlines how earlier governments protected them from religious extremism. Subsequently, he goes on to summarize how things changed overtime for Ahmadis: they got termed as non-Muslims by an amendment in the constitution in 1974. Moreover, he quotes several incidents of brutality faced by Ahmadis in Pakistan due to religious intolerance. Lastly, he reveals his apprehension of a complete "extermination" (Hamdani 3) of Ahmadis if the above mentioned situation sustains.
The article written by Hamdani illustrates a good example of logical progression of ideas, coupled with simple vocabulary, which serves to engross his intended audience. He starts off the article by placing the reader in the present context (2012, in this case) and explains, through an example, how "the PPP government views the amendment" (Hamdani 1) of "excommunication of Ahmadis by the Parliament" (Hamdani 1) as "a feather in its cap" (Hamdani 1). Then, he goes on effectively to provide the reader, with the background knowledge about the Ahmadis, stating how they supported "the All India Muslim League in the 1940s" (Hamdani 1) and "contributed significantly to the development of the new state" (Hamdani 1). He further, evidently, explains the sympathy of the initial governments towards Ahmadis by stating "state was forthright in putting down disturbances as it did in 1953" (Hamdani 1). Then he goes on to expound on his argument with a reference to "The Munir Report" (Hamdani1) and sees it as a perfect example of the government carrying out its responsibilities against "religious extremism" (Hamdani 1). Such sequential description of the events reveals to the readers how things were, for Ahmadis, and how they changed to what they are now. In this way, he succeeds in generating a chronological timeline in the minds of the readers. The article is well-structured in the sense that the claims made by the author are evidently supported by examples. Eventually, Hamdani brings to light the "unparalleled persecution" (Hamdani 1) faced by Ahmadis at the hands of the religious extremists. He supports this claim by stating "hardly a week goes by without some incident somewhere in which Ahmadis are harassed, persecuted and even murdered" (Hamdani 1). The article is very informative, as it informs us about the widespread hatred against Ahmadis found in the government institutions, by presenting a couple of examples like desecration of their "tombstones by erasing Kalima from the graves" (Hamdani 1) by police, and how their worship places are "routinely ransacked and vandalized" (Hamdani 2) by "state law enforcement agencies" (Hamdani 2). He also strengthens his stance by stating that such narrow-mindedness is not only confined to religious activists, but those considered among Pakistan's intelligentsia, also depict intolerance against Ahmadis. Having said that, the author attempts to prove this claim by...

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