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Do Neighborhoods Affect The Development Of Children

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In the research scientific paper “Children and Youth in Neighborhood Contexts,” by Tama Leventhal and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, questioned if neighborhoods affect the development of children? This was the main topic of the article to see do certain neighbors effect children cognitive development. According to the article, found that children and adults who live in high-income neighborhoods cognitive ability and performed well in school were higher compare to people who lived in middle-income neighborhoods. While those families who lived in low-income areas showed mental and physical health problems compared to middle income neighborhoods. In most cases, residents who live high-income neighborhoods do better compared to neighborhood with fewer resources. The more stable the neighborhood is the better resources they had. These facts show that communities do matter in the cognitive development of kids.
In summary, the article argues that neighborhood affects it resident’s behavior. The main points are financial reasons and discrimination effects the location of the resident in deciding where to live. In many cases some families do not have the means to move due to being stuck in poverty. It also referenced that many families were living in areas that they can afford which makes some go to lower income neighborhood. It is linked to many neighborhoods having the same demographic due to people incomes level living in the same area. Due to some families whom are turned down when moving to better income neighborhoods. The authors also addresses many different view points to see if other factors effect children and not just the neighborhood being the only problem. The authors proved this theory when they tried out a plan that had families randomly move to low-income neighborhoods from housing projects and showed that they improved. Thus the article studied that families are able to influence children behavior and not just the neighborhood. Some believed the census was better helpful in finding results. Researchers learned by using the census to see the effects demographics had on communities, which lead this study to look more into data to find the hidden meaning.
The main issue being addressed in the experiment is that it had families randomly move to specific kinds of neighborhoods. Majority of the families from poor neighborhoods moved to high-income neighborhoods. For illustration for families living in poverty stricken neighborhoods received vouchers to live in private housing markets. After ten years of study, the results showed that children who moved to better neighborhood did better academically compared to those living in poor neighborhoods. Contrastingly, the article showed what happen to those who did not moved into less poverty stricken neighborhoods showed that children show high academic accomplishments, and greater physical and mental health, paralleled to who living in even deeper poverty stricken neighborhoods. For those who moved to less...

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