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Applications Essay To University Of Georgia

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When I was young, I thought the world was simple. However, as I matured and became more exposed to the world, my eyes opened to adversity and its effects on people. My naivety faded away as I learned that things do not always work out as planned and that sometimes, life hands you the short end of the stick with no easy solution. I now know that adversity and suffering are an unavoidable aspect of life. Even though I know this, I still cannot understand. Every time, after listening to the problems of my friends, after seeing the homeless on the street, after hearing the suffering of the war-torn and sick on the news, one question continuously comes to mind—Why? It has been a question that sticks in my mind every day, one that I can never seem to answer but want to spend my life trying to. Why do human beings have to suffer when we all have the capability to be compassionate?
This is what I would seek to better understand. I realize that this is not something that can be figured out in a moment of “Aha!” Although this makes it more difficult, it is also what makes it intriguing because it requires constant and continuous learning. I understand that the term “suffering” is broad and can be applied to many different circumstances; However, I plan to focus my studies on the physical suffering of people that is brought on by unhealthy life practices. With compassion and hard work, I can prevent people from contracting diseases or unhealthy lifestyles that can cause them pain later on in life. In order to do this, I will pursue an undergraduate major of Health Promotion in order to analyze the health practices and social circumstances that lead to the physical suffering of populations, specifically affecting those in third world countries. Then I would use this knowledge to teach those people how to live healthy lives. The University of Georgia’s Honors Program would be an essential stepping stone to better...

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