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Television occupies a large part of peoples’ everyday life. It is present in every modern family and has turned into an unseparable part of children’s education. In an ideal world, television is supposed to contribute to the harmonic development of children as part of the community. Unfortunately, things in Bulgaria look quite differently.
Conditioned by almost two decades of political and social upheavals, the approach of the Bulgarian television towards the younger audience is lowered mainly to the entertainment, while cognitive and educational topics are reduced to a minimum. (Raycheva) Communication with children through the media, and more specifically Television, has been an unseparable part of the contemporary life. Everyday, parents, teachers and psychologists face the problem how to alter/present the information given by the television so that it substantiates the children’s development. (Lozanova)
On average, Bulgarian children spent 45 hours a week (National Health Institute) in front of the TV set. This usually happens at home. Anyway, that does not mean that parents or other family member can always control what their children watch. In this sense, children are subjected to the commercialization of the TV landscape and it is left to the broadcasters to gurantee protection of their interests. (Lozanova) Then naturally comes the question: What do our children see on TV today in Bulgaria?(Filipova)
Absolute fact is that television is a factor in the social developmet in the cntemporary child. Even more, it is centered in the closest to the child environment – its microsystem, along with the family, school and friends, and sometimes it has even more powerful effects. That is why it should consider its social responsibility towards the children auditorium. (Mihaylova)
It turns out, that the effects of television on different groups of children, especially on those of distinct social groups, is not the same. Children have developed filters to media influences. The densest of them are aided by the family, school, civil organizations and the close social environment of the child and help form its communication behavior and a common culture and value orientation that set the framework for the interaction between television and children. However, the high degree of vulnerability of children in front of the TV screen is a fact.(Mihaylova)
Long ago, television was labeled by the society as a legal third parent, owing to the influence it has on children since their early age. (Filipova) TV channels broadcast various kinds of programmes, which might be educational and inspiring, or cruel and depressing, which are accessible to and understandable by children thanks to the abolishment of the language barriers. A crime action or a thriller film, let alone a porno film, could be made solely with the help of editing the picture, sound and specific effects.There is an ongoing debate concerning the interdependence between the exposure to violent TV...

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