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Chronic Diseases Related To Oral Hygene In Teens And Young Adults

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Summary of Instructional Problem
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) presents some grim statistics regarding preventative chronic diseases related to oral hygiene in teens and young adults. Fifty-nine percent of 12 to 19 year olds have tooth decay. Four times more adolescents suffer from tooth decay than asthma. Even more so troublesome are the facts that “less than 1 of 3 children enrolled in Medicaid received at least one preventive dental service in a recent year” and “many states provide only emergency dental services to Medicaid-eligible adults.” Achieving proper hygiene skills such as hand washing, bathing, washing laundry, along with maintaining proper oral health are important life skills for anyone.
I work with students with special needs in a transition program focusing on life skills and vocational training. Our students have displayed a lack of understanding and skills in the area of personal hygiene and grooming. These skills are important for their future vocational and social settings. Specific areas to focus on would be: oral hygiene, skin care, hair care, nail care, body odor management/prevention, and appropriate/clean clothing. Achieving these skills is critical for each student’s independence and health.
Current Conditions and Desired Conditions
Current Conditions
Students lack many hygiene and grooming skills. Many seem to have a basic idea of how to do certain tasks but lack specific steps, attention to details, or reasoning behind why certain skills are important. For example, when students were observed brushing their teeth, they either missed portions of their mouth or did not spend adequate time on the task to ensure each tooth was properly maintained. Students are able to follow checklists or complete a mirror check when instructed. Students can point out “problem areas” in others but have difficulty noticing their own needs.
Desired Conditions
Students should be able to care for their grooming and hygiene needs with the highest level of independence their physical ability allows. These skills should not be a reason for a student to not be able to obtain or keep a job. Students should be able to obtain and maintain proper hygiene throughout the day. Student absences from school or work caused by preventable diseases should be minimized. Students should be able to identify when an area of hygiene/grooming needs to be addressed. One hundred percent of the time. These skills should become habits.
Data Collection Processes
Data Collection Instruments
A needs analysis was done to learn more about the students’ current level of performance and knowledge in various areas of hygiene and grooming. Two instruments were created to gather data and help measure student performance and knowledge. Observations of ten students were recorded regarding the students current level of performance and seven students were interviewed to find out their current level of knowledge. All students observed and interviewed are 18...

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