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Joan Of Arc: The Voice’s And Victory

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! Joan of Arc was a woman in which was born into a poor family in France. Joan of Arc, nicknamed “The Maid of Orleans,” was born at the early date of January 6,1412 and died in the year of 1431. Her parents include Isabelle Romee and Jacques d’Arc. They lived in a village called Domremy. Domremy is a grassy part of land in east- ern France. Here, her father owned 20 hectares (50 acres) of land. At a young age Joan of Arc believed that she was seeing spirits and hearing voices. She was quite young when she heard the voices of St. Margaret, St. Michael, and St. Catherine. She reported that these voices told her to reconquer the King of France’s kingdom by helping him. The English king was ...view middle of the document...

The voice told me also that I should make my way to Robert de Baudricourt in the for- tress of Vaucouleurs, the Captain of that place, that he would give me people to go with me. And me, I answered it that I was poor girl who knew not how to ride nor lead in war.” (Pernoud p.30)
! We see that these voice’s have effected her life. When asked how did this even happen, she replied: “When I was thirteen years old, I had a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very fearful. And came this voice, about the hour of noon, in the summer-time, in my father’s garden; I had not fasted on the eve preceding that day. I heard the voice on the right-hand side, towards the church; and rarely do I hear it without a brightness. This brightness comes from the same side as the voice is heard. It is usually a great light. When I came to France, often heard this voice. . . . The voice was sent to me by God and, after I had thrice heard this voice, I knew that it was the voice of an angel. This voice has always guarded me well and I have always understood it clearly.” (Pernoud p.30)

The voices that Joan of Arc heard told her to help the King and so she did. After hearing these voice countless times she believed they were of great duty. It states in one of the many books that is written about her how she helped the King. It says in “Fresh Verdicts on Joan of Arc”: From Orleans, Joan’s troops moved against the towns of Jargeau, Meung, and Beaugency, all of which she took with relative ease. The Eng- lish...

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