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The impact of customer advocacy on customer perceived value; written by Ying-Pin Yeh Published in The Journal of Business and Retail Management Research Vol. 8 Issue 1 October 2013, set out to research and analyze the effect of customer perceived value influences customer advocacy. Ying-Pin Yeh attempted to show the effects of customer trust, satisfaction, and perceived value in the telecom companies in Taiwan.
This article attempts to prove that telecommunication business should be investing in to increase customer advocacy by building trust and satisfaction. The study utilizes 388 surveys to gather data enabling Yeh to evaluate six hypotheses. Hypothesis 1 Customer trust has a positive ...view middle of the document...

Questions were in plain language and phrased positively and there were six constants. The questionnaires were tested and reworded and retested before the survey began.
Analysis of Data
The surveys were divided into groups based on when they were turned in, and a test was preformed to determine if this affected the data. It was determine that it did not. The information was rate highly for accuracy Cronbach’s Alpha method. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used to assess the psychometric properties of measure used in this study. The model fit also used the estimates of Goodness-of-fit index (GFI), Adjusted goodness-of-fit-index (AGFI), Normed-fit-index (NFI), Comparative-fit-index (CFI), Root means square residual (RMSR) and Root means square error of approximation (RMSEA). (Yeh, 2013)
Results reinforced each of the six hypotheses. The study reinforces the theory that perceived value is affected by trust and satisfaction. It also proved that customer advocacy has a positive effect on trust and satisfaction. The information in this study can be used by these telecommunication companies to pursue a more aggressive customer advocacy business model. Empowering customers and increasing perceived customer value will enable the company to not use discounts...

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