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Looking for a Job Advertisement, and after browsing jobs through many websites that offer this service, on March 09, 2014 I found the above advertising, which has a close relation with my interest area. This advertising was originally posted on Workopolis website, however, I accessed to this advertising from website. I copied the advertisement from Workopolis website, including all details of original posting. B. People who want to apply should have performed a Job with similar specifications and duties and have HR experience in such as control staff costs and payments, personnel recruitment and training, monitoring absence and medical casualties, control and monitoring of health ...view middle of the document...

Another good point is the choice to post company logo, since this is an effective method to capture attention of job seekers, although in comparison with other job company advertising is poor and don't show the culture and diversity of this company. The Body Paragraph is well structured and give the essential information about duties or responsibilities and skills that this job demand. B. What is not good This job has many areas to improve. This advertisement in first time catches the attention of audience because when the job seeker introduce different searching criteria, this advertisement appear into the first ones. However, when a job seeker reads carefully discover that Purolator advertisement do not give Open Line or Tag Line, any sentence related with the company, nor Opening Paragraph where explain information about benefices that a worker meet to belong to the company or any other information that impact and motivate the job seeker to apply for this job. Although advertisement describes clearly the job duration and shows the company name, also it can confuse in the numbers of place available because it make relation to more than one site, and critical information in the Closing Details section as a dateline, contact information to know more about company, salary, or equal opportunities statement is missing. Also Job title contains information that can be located in the Opening paragraph as an example time of the contract duration. This advertisement looks like unfinished and unattractive, so I consider that Purolator had not made good use of this service, becoming an opportunity cost-effective in a potential problem. Missing information difficult the motivation that right person apply, and this fact not only would increase the time and cost of recruitment process, but also delay the fast incorporation of new worker, a goal in the short duration contracts. Service delivery companies popularly are associated with the idea of poor work condition, high rotation levels, high stress levels, hard work, and poor benefices. However Purolator is "ranked one of the top 25 brands among Canadian consumers since 2011" (Purolator Inc., 2014). If this information had been written in this posting, together with other important details like size of company or that "more than 12,000 people make up their team" (Purolator Inc., 2014), would have led to many talented people to apply for this place, making them forget this popular belief, and showing them that this could be a great opportunity. C. Opinion of its effectiveness Although people had applied for this job, and although Purolator is a very big company, I consider that crucial details missing in it and it could have affected its effectiveness, mainly in the attract talent for this position. Unlike its website, this advertising does not show anything about the Purolator company culture, values, ​​and commitment with their workers. The posting channel is appropriated but underused. This ad suggests...

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