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Job Analysis

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As assigned, a new competency model for the design engineering roles for the Spray boat need to be designed from scratch for the company of Sunsailors. The two new roles for the current Spray boat work are Chief Design Engineers (CDEs) and Junior Design Engineers (JDEs). Two of CDEs and ten of JDEs need to be recruited within two months’ time.
Notably, there were similar design engineering roles existed before in Sunsailors company which is the Wave boat. Though some aspects are similar to the current Wave boat work, the Sunsailors accounted the competency model as outdated, altogether with that reason and due to the nature changing of the job, hence, to generate a new competency model, a strategic job analysis should be conducted efficiently. Singh (2008) described job analysis as the work of re-defining job to include work done by, or the role of a single individual, as well as teams interchangeably termed over work-analysis and role-analysis. The need to implement a strategic job analysis is imperative since to most job analysts they usually took a large amount of time to prepare one (Schneider & Konz ,1989; Dierdorff & Wilson, 2003). Furthermore, a strategic job analysis is necessary in order to meaningfully tackle the emerging needs of the current organization so that it can be a valuable informational tool that functions in human resource management (Singh, 2008). In this case, an outdated competency model for design engineering roles need to be renewed.
Job analysis is necessary and comes with four acceptable job analyses such that (1) use several up-to-date sources, (2) be conducted by experts, (3) use a large number of job incumbents, and (4) cover the entire range of worker activities and qualifications (Sparks, 1988; Thompson & Thompson, 1982).
Current literatures show that there are two distinct types of job analysis identified; (1) conventional or standard approach and (2) a competency-focused approach (Siddique, 2007). The conventional approach is said to be a job or task oriented method of job analysis. While the competency-focused approach is about seeking data on special skills and competencies of employees (Anthony, Kacmar, & Perrewe, 2002).
After reviewing a few relevant literatures, Dierdorff and Wilson (2003) in their study of meta-analysis of job analysis reliability suggested that, 27 out of 31 studies used Position Analysis Questionnaire as part of job analysis and PAQ is claimed to be the best researched and developed generic job analysis instruments available thus this also suggested that PAQ has the most stable ratings. Though this does not mean that PAQ is the best method used for job analysis, but one should note that the best method to be used in analyzing job has to be the ones that is related to the end use of the job analysis information (Aamodt, 2010).
Based on the survey research done by Levine, Ash, and their colleagues (Levine, Ash, & Bennett, 1980; Levine, Ash, Hall, & Sistrunk, 1983) which they...

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