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The primary goal of job analysis is to develop the work principles and restructure the job that supports employees in the business (Mathis & Jackson, 2006). I analyzed the undercover boss “Refro Fitness” episode for this paper. Retro Fitness was established by Eric Casaburi in 2002 (Retro Fitness, 2014). The New Jersey based corporation started franchising in 2006. In 2014, they have 109 Fitness gyms in 14 US locations (Retro Fitness, 2014). Mr. Casaburi has developed this business with one motto – “always do your best in everything you do”. He credits his mother with teaching him that and strives to live it every day (Undercover Boss: Retro Fitness, 2013).
Compare two job positions
While watching the episode of Under Cover Boss, two job positions came to the forefront and it was evident these two positions were vital to corporate success. The first position is that of the front desk associate. The second position is that of fitness trainer.
The associate working at the front desk requires significant customer service skills and is responsible for the enthusiasm and pleasurable surroundings that Retro Fitness desires to provide. The employee will work the counter, greet customers, takes customer orders, mixes drink requests, and other customer requests (Undercover Boss: Retro Fitness, 2013). This employee will assist in sales tours, and take payment for membership fees and run the cash register. In the episode, Jacqueline played this role and was fired in the end because of her lack of customer service skills (Undercover Boss: Retro Fitness, 2013). The front desk associate needs to be someone that is highly motivated and is energized in showing the customer how important they are to the company. . In the episode, Megan was the first front desk clerk that Mr. Casaburi encountered and she portrayed what was called an “uncoachable energy” and was dedicated to the mission in every way (Undercover Boss: Retro Fitness, 2013).
Trainers are the direct link between company leadership and the members (Retro Fitness, 2014). It is vital that the trainers have unswervingly optimistic mental attitudes and are willing to bond and make connections with as many clients as possible each day. Trainers have to be willing to educate all clients with regards to the significance...

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