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Job Analysis Is Imperative For Human Resources

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1. Know what job analysis (e.g., what data is gathered, who is involved, what methods are available, etc.) and the uses of job analysis data? 103
Job analysis is an imperative method for human resource managers to gather, study information in depth, analyze, and develop job duties and requirements in order to accomplish the job. The methods used by human resource managers in order to develop the job analysis are: job description, job specification, source of job information, position analysis questionnaire, Fishman Job Analysis system, observation, interview, competency models, and trends in job analysis.
Job description list the TDRs a job, which are: task, duties, and responsibilities of ...view middle of the document...

Mental process is the next segment, which involves reasoning, decision making, planning, and information processing activities involved in performing the job. The third segment is the work output, which involves the tools, physical actions, and strategies in order to accomplish the job. Relationship with other is the fourth segment, which involves how employees engage with others in order to accomplish the job. The fourth step is job context, which involves the physical and societal setting where the work is done. The last step is the other characteristics, which involves the actions, circumstances, and characteristic applicable to the job.
Fisherman Job Analysis System has specialists appraise a job abilities necessary to perform the job. The expert uses a survey containing 52 categories based on abilities, written comprehension, stamina, dexterity, and originality (etc.).
Observation is performed for job that can be easily witnessed, such as trainer. Interviews help employers find out more information on candidates. This method depends if the questions are relevant to the job.
Competency models assist workers to complete their work successfully. Competency models identify and define all the competencies required for the success of a particular position For instance, one job may require great management abilities, talent in teaching others, and the ability to bring out the best and motivate each team member.
It is important that organizations adapt and change job duties requirements, this is known as trends in job analysis.
Job analysis is important for human resource managers to develop everything staff does. The types of information that is collected from job analysis is: work redesign, human resource planning, selection, training, performance appraisals, career planning, and job evaluation. Furthermore, from a legal standpoint, it is important for job analysis to diminish mitigation risk. Work redesign in when a company redesigns work in order to improve quality or productivity. Human resource planning is when planners analyze information in order to determine how to meet certain needs. Selection is identifying the qualities that candidates need to perform for a certain job. Training is the necessary knowledge that individuals must learn in order to perform the job. Performance appraisal is the information gathered on how well a worker is performing or if there is need for development. Career planning helps...

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