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Job Application Letter And Resume Essay

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November 24, 2003 To, The General Manager, Accounts Department, Unilever, United States of America Respected Sir, Subject: Post of Senior Auditor I am writing in response to your advertisement, to present my credentials for the job available for senior auditor, as this is the field in which I feel I am extremely well qualified. As far as my academic record is concerned, I am a talented auditor and have accomplished many awards throughout my academic career. I have excellent communication and research skills and I am acquainted with the fast paced working environment where the time limit is the priority and managing collective jobs contemporaneously is the necessity. I enjoy taking demanding or difficult tasks and work extremely hard to accomplish my goals. I am a very committed and enthusiastic person towards my work and always try my level best to give the most outstanding outcome. It would be an honour for me to be an effective part of your organization, as I have both the education and practical experience to do the job of cost accountant for you. Sir, if you would give me the chance as a professional, I assure you that I shall prove entirely worthy of the trust reposed in me. In advance, I Thankyou for your regard and time and awaiting to hear from you soon, as I am very sure that after reviewing my resume you will definitely agree that the qualities you are seeking are well matched to my track record. Thanking you, Yours Sincerely, Full Name Date of Birth: 30th July 1983 Address: 150, Stchrade Road, Briar Cliff, Manor, New York, 10510 Phone #: 914-941-7605 Email: HYPERLINK "" Career Objective To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize the abilities I currently possess while developing new ones with a company that encourages growth. Education Miami University, Ohio, America Dec-2002 Master of Accountancy GPA: 3.6 Richard...

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