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Career As An It Professional: Project Manager

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Project ManagerBarbara Perez-LugoW9 Final Project: Career as an IT ProfessionalAxia College of University of PhoenixLindsey RenuardAugust 12, 2007AbstractThis paper begins with a proposal from the student to the Instructor detailing the students' experience with Project Management. The student focuses on the basic skills that a project manager needs to be successful. A Microsoft Visio describes the position description, communication responsibilities, requirements of the position and compensation from a basic perspective. Results from a career selection survey illustrate that the number of years a person has in the workforce may influence that parson's annual salary to some degree. Graphic images are used to show how images can be used to serve a distinct purpose for a Project Manager. PowerPoint presentation slide notes have been incorporated to summarize a presentation on the basic skills of a Project Manager to a live audience of high school seniors. Finally, basic instructions are given on how to become a Project Manager.ProposalThe final project will focus on Project Manager. The more I learn about Project Management the more I realize I have been in the position of a project manager without even realizing it. Before I joined the Army I worked as an assistant manager in a woman's plus size store. I had all the regular managerial duties such as supervising employees, supervising training and maintenance of store equipment and cash register operations, maintaining stock and merchandise from the stock room to main floor, handling inventory of show cases and merchandise etc.As an assistant manager I never held the specific title of Project Manager, but my managerial duties involved project management on a small scale. Maintaining stock and merchandise from the stock room to main floor involved the skills, tools and management process required to undertake the project successfully. After inventorying seasonal stock on the main floor and the new stock in the stock room, I would devise a project plan to move the older merchandise to the sale racks and get the new merchandise on to the main floor. Project Management Book (2003) describes five key points of the process that I used…Time Management: managing the time spent by the employees who would undertake the project.Cost Management: keeping man hours for the project at a minimum and avoiding costly overtime.Quality Management: ensuring that customers would be able to still shop and the outcome would meet customer's expectations.Risk Management: identifying critical and non-critical risks.Issue management: identifying and resolving issues that arose during the project.Of all the positions that I have held since then, I believe that I had the most fun working on projects from a management position. The benefits of being a Project Manager include but are not limited to…Successful project deliveryAchieving the goal of the projectClarity of the goals of the...

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