Job Communications Challenges Of A Nurse Manager

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The purpose of this report is to shed light on the communication challenges that a nurse manager faces. The typical title for nurse managers can be nurse manager or nurse supervisor. The typical organizations that nurse manager works for include but are not limited to; hospitals, nursing homes, corporate companies, manufacturer companies, and private practice offices. Nurse Managers are in charge of many registered nurses. They typically work out of an office but sometimes may need to be present in the clinical setting to assist and train the registered nurses they are supervising. Typical tasks and routines for nurse managers include; sending out informative e-mails, updating staff on ...view middle of the document...

Good nurse managers utilize a variety of their communication skills to reach out to patients, employees, and colleagues. Some managers will use phone calls, text messaging, e-mail, and even social media. Nurse Managers are in charge quality control of a product and that product is patient care provided by other registered nurses. To insure that patients are receiving the best care possible they must utilize a variety of critical thinking skills. They evaluate random patient charts for any errors or delays in patient treatment. They meet with other departments and job titles including the laboratory, physicians, local EMS providers and other departments. They ask many other professionals their opinion on how their nursing staff is performing and if any improvements can be made. Nurse Managers use their creative thinking skills when they are trying to make their department of nurses function better. It could include changing how patients are assessed when they first arrive, the way the patient gets their blood drawn, or even how patient’s families receive information and updates. The structure of every department and patient care environment is set up according to how many patients get seen every day, the critical level of illness, and how logistically nurses can provide the most safe and best care possible.
Charlie Smith is a nurse manager in an emergency department in Detroit, Michigan. Charlie’s emergency department is a level one trauma center, one of only eight in the state of Michigan. Being...

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