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Job Description Of A Career In Education

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“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.” – Ever Garrison
I enjoy literature and helping others to better understand literature, both past and present. Teaching at a high school level is what I believe will allow me the opportunity to work in the English/literature department and as well as allow me to help students better understand the basic concepts of literature. I will also be able to prepare the students with the skills that will prepare them for the rest of their lives. This career paper will cover the job description, education and personal qualifications, and the average pay one could expect in the teaching field.
To start things off, teaching can be demanding and rewarding, according to the job description at least. Some general duties of a teacher are going to involve planning lessons, communicating with parents regarding student performance, challenging students and working with them, and preparing students for life after graduation. Being a teacher is almost a 24/7 job. You work the regular school hours but you also use your weekends and holidays to plan lessons and grade papers. The general school schedule is a ten month school year with a two month summer break, a five week winter break. Your working environment will depend on the type of school in which you decide to teach. There are many types of schools from which to choose. You could teach at a magnet school, public school, private school, or even a charter school. There are always advantages and disadvantages of every career path you look at; some can be deal breakers. Some advantages of being a teacher are seeing your students gain and apply new knowledge and skills, job security after tenure, and helping the students better understand the subject. There are, however, disadvantages and some of those are being held accountable for standardized test scores, unmotivated and disrespectful students, out of date educational tools, and uncooperative parents. I’ve always had a passion for helping people in all aspects of their lives, but I do not tolerate disrespect of anyone, be it yourself or the people around you. I could become frustrated with parents who don’t cooperate with me, or don’t care about their child in general, but I would manage. The hours are not overbearing, or don’t seem to be at least, which would be a plus. The job would be well worth the pay, but more worth the feeling of accomplishment I would have by helping students gain new skills for the life ahead.
Now, for the qualifications, both personal and educational, that will be required to become a teacher. You have to start somewhere, so college comes first! You need a minimum bachelor’s degree in education and a major in the subject area you will be teaching. For myself, it would be English. Most teaching students take courses in both education and psychology along with all other required classes. You must take the tests required in your state...

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