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The Deutsche Lufthanse Company And Brand Name

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Deutsche Lufthansa is one of the leading airlines on the globe. It is also the national carrier for Germany. For many, the name Lufthansa is synonymous with flying and aviation. However, the brand is a paradigm of many businesses under one company. Most of these businesses are centered on the aviation industry. However, the core activity of the firm entails passenger transportation. The firm has heavily invested in this and has several airlines in various regions of the world. These include SWISS and Sun express, was well as investment in other national carriers such as Turkish airlines, British Midland and JetBlue (Datamonitor (Firm), 2003). The operations of the firm also entail Freight services with a wholly owned subsidiary known as Lufthansa Cargo AG, which handles all freight (Cento, 2009). This segment of Lufthansa’s operations is very specialized and can transport all forms of cargo including temperature sensitive products and live animals. The firm also operates a lucrative maintenance, overhaul and repair service, which is subdivided into six categories. These include Engines, overhaul, maintenance, VIP and executive gear solutions, components and landing gear. Its IT services for the aviation services represent its other business arm. It entails the provision of IT solutions and setting up of computer centers for not only the aviation industry but other related industries. Catering and financial services are the final business segments of the firm which serve to diversify its operations and enable it to survive in a ruthlessly competitive environment. The firm competes against the likes of Emirates, American Airways, Air France and British airways in the airline industry, and against SITA, EDS, Sabre Airline Solutions, and Boeing in the IT sector. It is also one of the founders of the most successful airline groups in the world, Star Alliance (Gudmundsson, 1999).
Values and CSR activities
The firm is based on four basic values or principles that guide its organizational goals and objectives. The mission of the firm revolves around assuring reliability and safety for its customers, which implies that the firm aims to promote healthy relationships with its employees, consumers and partners. The firm posits that such relationships shall be based on discipline, team orientation, mutual trust, and cooperation. As a result, the core values of Lufthansa are discipline, excellence, commitment, responsibility and reliability (Børsen, 2005). The firm also believes on the ethos of corporate responsibility. As a result, corporate social responsibility efforts are embedded in its leadership principles and corporate value. For the firm, sustainability can only be achieved if the company ensures that the five aspects of organizational framework are met. In terms of economic sustainability, Lufthansa concentrates on long term, sustainable creation of value, with succinct supply chain management and risk management techniques. In terms of environmental...

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