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In today's high paced business world, management is a key aspect of business success or failure. When management is tight in an organization leaving noting to be overlooked success is bound to happen. Many individuals think that management is a simple thing, but in all reality it involves many steps to be taken in order for yourself to be called a manager and your department to be called management. There are four functions of management, planning, organizing, leading and controlling. In this paper I will explain in-depth the vital importance of all four.While planning, a manager must remain organized. Without organization, even the best plan will not come to fruition. A manager must contemplate requirements. Those requirements can be anything from training or certification to proper workplace floor plans. The organization does not stop there. A manager must be able to properly schedule. If scheduling is not organized in an assembly line, an entire business can come to a halt. Ensuring the right things are in the right place. This does not just cover tools and equipment, but also includes the workers with the correct skill sets and the raw materials that are needed to complete their individual tasks. A manager with good organizational skills can put the right people, in the right places, at the right time and build a team. This team will have an understanding that interdependencies and handoffs are facts of life in the workplace and that when well organized management is in place, the interdependencies and handoffs are virtually invisible. But they succeeded despite the lack of a formal plan, not because of it (Zeldman, 1999, p101). In my organization, I work in the real estate business planning is our key to our market. We use it to plan expansion into new markets or even to expand in current markets. I asked my branch manager what we thought about planning he replied. "Without planning this company would not be here".After planning a business, what happens next? You need to organize what you decided in your plan map as I like to call it and ask yourself a few question. How will your business be organized? Will it be a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership? Each structure has advantages and disadvantages depending on your personal and business criteria. Outline the duties of all principal personnel in your business: who will do what? Do you have an operating plan or schedule for upcoming work for one to two years? Have you considered your insurance needs (Anas, 1994, p 28)? A good manager or management team will make sure all of these questions are answered. After a business is established these types of issues are important but not as vital as during peak startup time. In our organization these issues are not a major factor because of our many years of established business, but many organizational issues are handled by the managers and also the human resources department.Many employees complain that their managers don't do anything,...

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