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Career Development Intervention Vs. Leadership Development Intervention

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Developing Talent
Organizations have been affected by the recent economic downturn. Consumers have been negatively affected which ultimately affects the organizations. People are holding onto their money tighter than ever before. They are not spending as much which led to less profit for organizations. Nonprofit organizations suffer from budget cuts which affects them negatively as well. As a result of the poor economy, developing talent has become more important. “Leadership development has become increasingly important and an emerging trend to organizations in response to the increase in organization’s competitiveness” (Tonvongva, 2013, p 36). There are more organizations who are deciding to train and develop their employees. The development of internal employees eliminates or decreases the need to hire external candidates. Developing talent can save the organization money and can increase the morale as well. There are two kinds of interventions that are used to develop talent; these interventions are the career development intervention and leadership development intervention.
Career Development Intervention
Career Development Intervention is designed to “help recruit and retained skilled and knowledgeable workers” (Cummings, 2009). Career Development Intervention helps people within an organization plan their career goals. Career planning is involved in Career Development Intervention as well. Career planning is actually creating an outline or map of where the employee wants to go. It is tailored specifically to that individual. It is determined by that person’s interests, values, and capabilities. The development part of the Career Development Intervention is coming up with an action plan to obtain the career goals set in the career planning.
Career planning uses four stages to be successful; they are establishment, advancement, maintenance, and withdrawal. In the establishment stage, organizations should have open communication with employees. This stage is where employees need to learn about the options they have and the skills needed to progress. Assessment tests, workshops, and self-discovery tools would be best used to help the employee decide on a path to take. In the advancement stage organizations should help the employees see the skills needed for the progression. The employees can begin to learn what they will needed to do to succeed. Mentors and coaches would be beneficial at the advancement stage. In the maintenance stage, the organization shows the employee more of the organization, they begin to incorporate the wants of the employee to the needs of the organization. In the withdrawal stage, the organization should begin to help the employee with post retirement plans. Workshops on retirement planning and financial security would be ideal for this stage. “Career development follows closely from career planning and includes organizational practices that help employees implement those plans” (Cummings, 2009). Career Development...

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