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Career Development Plan Part Iii—Performance And Career Management. A Performance And Career Management Program For The Employees Selected For Your Team.

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Performance and Career Management the University of PhoenixHRM/531Performance appraisal is an important tool for managers and employees. Although appraisals can be subjective, well assembled appraisals encourage remuneration for employees based upon their merit and performance. Performance appraisals are used to improve employees' efforts by helping them to realize and use their full potential when carrying out the company's mission. They are also used to provide information for employees and managers to make decisions. Using performance appraisals facilitate legal and formal organizational justification for employment decisions to promote exceptional performers, weed out low performers and to train, transfer or discipline others. To put it plainly, appraisals serve as a key contribution for administering the company's formal organizational reward and punishment system (Cascio, 2005).InterClean utilizes this performance appraisal to meet three objectives to rally round our employee's success. Number one, the appraisal serves as a tool to provide feedback for employees as a vehicle for personal and career development. Number two, it helps identify improvement needs, and establish objectives for the training program. Number three, our appraisal system diagnoses organizational problems by identifying training needs, personal characteristics to consider for hiring, and a basis to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful performers. This appraisal system represents the beginning of the appraisal process rather than the end result.Each employee on the sales team is given an individual appraisal twice per year to assess their performance, provide feedback, and to create new goals and objectives for the employee to accomplish. Each employee will be assessed by all team members including themselves, to provide developmental feedback of their efforts. All assessments will be confidential, providing a non-subjective assessment of each employee's efforts. Evidence from a recent study that used peer appraisals to provide developmental feedback, found that features such as prompting appraisers for both negative and positive feedback, pooling feedback from multiple appraisers, and face-to-face discussions increased the reliability, validity, and user acceptance of that feedback (Cascio, 2005).When finalized, assessments are evaluated to provide each employee with the average of all scores, thus getting a final tally which is used to make employment decisions. Employees are provided feedback from every assessment to get a well rounded understanding of what they do well, and what is needed to become better. This type of feedback has an immediate, positive impact on perceptions of open communication, performance motivation, viability of the group, and builds a positive team member relationship within the group.When an employee has been assessed, feedback will determine what actions the employee needs to take to improve as a team member and sales...

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