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Career Development Plan Summary Essay

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University of PhoenixManagementHRM 531The owner, Kathy Kudler, of Kudler Fine Food (KFF) knew that something needed to be done and she also knew that many along with herself were tired of traveling to far to purchase ingredients for cooking a gourmet meal. At this time Kathy decided to open her own gourmet shop know as KFF that would provide customers with a one stop gourmet shop. Kathy opened her La Jolla store in 1998 in the state of California. In the year 2000 she opened her Del Mar store in the same state. In 2003 she opened her Encinitas store in the same state. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007)KFF is having a problem with the morale of their employees, with this in mind they must come up with a strategy to determine the talent of each employee so that the Human Capital can be aligned with the organizational strategy. The employees in sales have the experience in their division in selling the products for the company but now they need retraining on offering solutions to customers. KFF has to work on their job placement. KFF human resource team will play a vital role in the screening, making assessment, identifying, and hiring from a pool of individuals to decide on what skills, abilities, and knowledge the employees has. The company will consider external hiring to fill in any gaps.The Vice President (VP) is in charges of assisting the president/ceo of the company. His or her job is to see to it that the plans set for the company is being carried out by all members of the organization. The general manager (GM) must be able to coordinate and direct the operation of KFF and each department. The GM will set goals for the organization according to the plans set for the company by the top executives. They must assign responsibilities. The managers report to the GM and assist the GM. The managers are in charge of his or team and seeing that each member is doing his or her job. The sales representative is in charge of his or her department. He or she is to make sure that the customers receive what they ask for. Must have the knowledge of the department they cover as well as the products and prices. Customer service, these representatives will be responsible for answering the customer's needs. When a customer comes in or phones in a complaint the customer service representative must look into finding a solution to resolve any issues.Kudler customers expect to be served by knowledgeable and courteous associates. In order to meet the highest standard of customer service, Kudler's employees go through training and have the ability to attend meetings that will educated them on the sale merchandise. Every new employee must go through orientation and receives an employee handbook. For two months each new employee works with a skilled employee. They go through an on the job training program for three weeks (Scott, etal, 2001).All new employees must go through several workshops within the first year. The workshops to attend are: Motivating workers for...

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