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Job Evaluation And Structure Of A Finance Department

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Executive SummaryCornwall, Ontario, is a growing city. Its Finance Department provides a wide range of financial services. However, its employees have great difficulty understanding their compensation package. In fact, they see little link between their jobs and their pay.The goal of this report is to provide analyses and recommendations for a change in Cornwall's Finance Department. Therefore, we completed two types of job evaluation analyses, the point method and the ranking method. The point method gave a job structure of H, A, C, D, G, B, E, and F, while the ranking method had a job structure of A, H, C, D, G, E, B, and F. Since these are two different results, we proceeded with a comparison of both pay models. We concluded that the point method would be more effective for the city because:-It does not present inherent biases.-Its compensable factors are a clear reflection of the organization's values and mission because of the emphasis on skill and effort.-Within the context of a unionized municipal government, it is best to use a job evaluation method designed to determine relative internal worth.Therefore, we benchmarked the jobs and obtained average annual salaries ranging from $33,250 to $152,750 (as shown in Appendix 4).We then went over implementation issues and concerns of the point method. Concerns were threefold: a plan of action must be followed, costs of implementation must be evaluated, and employees and their union must be an integral part of the change.1.0.0. Organization profile and introductionThe City of Cornwall is a municipality in Eastern Ontario located on the Canada/USA border with a population of 46,000. It is in the centre of a larger region comprising over 110,000 people. The City of Cornwall prides itself in being a full service city by providing public safety, recreation, water, and wastewater services, as well as many other general services to its citizens. In order to deliver these, the city has worked on organizing its departments and employees to carry out its mission. One of those departments is the Finance Department. Currently, it has been delegated the authority to provide payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and fiscal reporting services for other city departments. Furthermore, the Finance Department provides customer service representatives for City Hall's pay station. The department is also responsible for managing the city's annual budget, all financial reporting, auditing, and fiscal policies and procedures. The department has a top down chain of command.This report will focus on the compensation method used to pay the employees of the Finance Department. We will first develop and compare the point and ranking methods. We will then present detailed recommendations for the city of Cornwall. Finally, we will discuss implementation issues and concerns.2.0.0. Job evaluation methodsIn this section, we will examine two job evaluation methods and their resulting job structure hierarchies. We have...

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