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Job Description For Customer Service Essay

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A job description allows the organization to establish parameters for a role and serves as a communication tool between the employer and the employee to ensure clear understanding of expectations. According to Rue and Byars (2010, a job description is a “written statement that identifies the tasks, duties, activities, and performance results required in a particular job” (p.195).
The first area a job description addresses is the key components and the purpose of the position within the organization (Rue & Byars, 2010). The second area of the description lists the functionality required of the role by explaining duties and responsibilities (Rue & Byars, 2010).
The third part defines the position’s hierarchy within the organization (Rue & Byars, 2010). The fourth and final category defines the qualifications of the position (Rue & Byars, 2010). The following is a sample job description created for a Customer Service Call Center Supervisor:
Position Summary
Responsible for developing, and directing the Call Center department to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the customer. Key features and company accountabilities include:
• Activities that lead to operational and financial success of the organization.
• Maintenance of licensure and regulatory compliance with all applicable agencies.
• Department compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
Duties and Responsibilities
• Recruitment and retention of employees. Conducts performance evaluations.
• Facilitation, participation and development of training plans.
• Participates in groups to develop and implement processes, procedures, and programs to improve operations and service.
• Meets the company’s objectives and strategic goals. Monitors quality metrics and maintains quality reports. Provides verbal or written updates to the manager.
• Participates and promotes the use of Six Sigma teams.
• Participates in the development of the department budget. Analyzes and reports variances on a monthly basis.
• Communication liaison. Manages, investigates and resolves escalated calls.
• Prioritization of tasks and timely decision making.
• Understands the importance of knowing and living the company’s mission, vision and values including following all established company policies and procedures.
Organizational Matrix
Supervisor will report to the section manager. The supervisor provides direct supervision to 1 administrative staff and up to 15 call center representatives. May be required to assist with 10 – 20 indirect reports as needed.
Minimum qualifications for the position include an associate’s degree in business, or a related field. Minimum of 2 years as a call service representative or 1 year of supervisory experience in a related field. A significant understanding and knowledge of commonly used practices, procedures and technology within the department, is required. Excellent oral/written communication skills, and...

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