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The career services professional supports the educational mission of a college by assisting students to develop, evaluate, and pursue career aspirations with the goal of securing employment. Career services professionals accomplish these goals with a range of programs, counseling and services designed to help students make the connection between the academic environment and the workplace.
Career Counseling, or Career Services depending on the institution, is frequently offered on a one-on-one basis, but at times this service is provided through group workshops, classes, or computerized guidance systems. Traditionally a standard function of the career services role is to help students develop job search skills however the scope of the career development services has broadened considerably in recent years (Komives, Woodard, & Associates, 2003, p. 344). Career services professionals may teach resume writing, critique students' resumes and cover letters, provide resources on resume and employment letter writing, job interviewing skills, and planning job search strategies. Students may be videotaped in mock interviews so they can see themselves in action. Additionally some career services offices involve alumni, school advisory committees, or employers in critiquing resumes, conducting practice interviews, or leading workshops. Many may also offer sessions on related topics such as professional networking, proper attire, or transitioning to the work place.
Although career centers are most often associated with student affairs, some campuses may house it under academic affairs, the institutional development office, or they may be decentralized into academic departments within professional schools. (Komives, Woodard, & Associates, 2003, p. 344). For students who choose to go to graduate school rather than enter the workforce, career centers often provide services such as graduate school recommendations to assist students in identifying programs that meet their goals and aspirations.

Interview with a Career Services Professional
ITT Tech Career Services Departments are focused on connecting graduates with the career goals they are targeting upon completion of their academic degree programs. This connection is accomplished through student development, employer relationship building, and ultimately assisting the graduate in connecting with a professional career.
Cynthia Matson is the Career Placement Professional at the ITT Technical Institute campus in Cary, NC. In interviewing Cynthia s explained that students choose ITT Tech for a variety of reasons but mainly for the ultimate goal of obtaining a career and maximizing their salary. This entry into the workforce as an ITT Tech graduate is called the student’s Return on Investment (ROI). It is the responsibility of Career Services to make this happen and to maximize each student’s ROI. This can be realized not just through teaching job search skills, but by developing the...

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