Career Interest And Value Of Education

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Career and education are personal and organizational values in each person's life. A career and educational path has been pre-determined for me. How I choose to use this time will be referred to as my achievement in life. I will be remembered not by my kindness, rather by my accomplishments. According to the statement," Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."(Booker T. Washington). I will discuss my personal values, present career, then move on to future career goals, and link the both to the value of education.Personal ValuesAs on of my favorite capitalist economists once describe it, "A society that does not recognize that each individual has values of his own which he is entitled to follow can have no respect for the dignity of the individual and cannot really know freedom."(F.A. Hayek). A brief of precedent information is in order to set the quality for this presentation. I was raised in a conservative Middle Eastern family. Both of my parents are college educated, and held respectable positions. Religion and culture were very strong influences in both of my parent's lives. I am the oldest of three children and grew up very well involved in school and church. As being the oldest in any Middle Eastern family, high pressure automatically evolves on me. I was expected to graduate high school, with high honors, as I did. And pursue a career in medicine or engineering, because they are the only two well honored positions. Now that I am older, I realized that neither was meant for me, and working at a financial institution, is the right bath. We landed on land of the freedom December of 1997, and ever since my parents worked hard to provide each one of us the American dream. Well, their American dream is to see us as successful physicians, lawyers, and engineers. Can I say it was traumatized once they found out the career interest all three of us have chosen? Well, no so fast but they were a bit disappointed, and with time they came to learn that each individual has values and dreams, and shall pursue them in order to be pleased.Career InterestTo enhance my strong communication skills, and emphasize more on my tactic skills as well, I have chosen to work in the banking industry. The Bank is dynamically involved in financial zone reform and authoritarian work, abiding to help ordinary people, and business mind people move towards market based economies through financial sector restructuring, infrastructure development, privatization and guideline. As I stated in my previous paper for this class, Personal Strengths and Weaknesses, My strengths range from being Persistent, the ability to being adaptive and strong coping skills. In addition to my people skills, I have realized that my career interest would be employed at a financial institution where I can utilize my knowledge and concerns to something optimistic for the world, and myself. I realize that this path...

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