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Interviewing for a job is probably one of the most important and stressful events in a person’s life. The outcome of an interview may determine one’s status of remaining in a jobless, stagnant environment versus a step towards building a career. Hard work is imperative to creating the perfect résumé, which is the foot-in-the-door for obtaining a job interview. The purpose of the job interview in the employer’s point-of-view is to figure out if the applicant is the best person for the job. From the applicant’s point-of-view, the interview is to discover if the job is a solid match for their personality or career, but most importantly, to land the job. The process of a job interview includes three main stages: preparing for the interview, going through with the interview, and self-assessing after the interview. Although these three parts make up the process of a job interview, applicants sometimes neglect the preparation step and dive right into the interview itself. A lack of preparation for a job interview is disastrous considering practice and planning are important factors in “ace-ing” the interview.
Most importantly, the first stage is to prepare for the interview. The idea that someone thinks the applicant is suitable for the job makes this the most exciting stage. He is thrilled and ecstatic about the offer for an interview. When an interviewer calls to offer him a chance at an interview, an expression of gratitude for an extraordinary opportunity is helpful in demonstrating a candidate’s enthusiasm for the job. During the phone conversation, record all necessary information relating the interview provided by the caller without any distraction from excitement. Any detail would be useful such as who his interviewer is, where it may be located, or the time of interview. With more preparation, he is less likely to be nervous during the actual interview.

The second stage in the interview process is interview preparation. As
stated before, collect as much information as you can before going to your
interview. Before you go to the interview, ensure you have a portfolio assembled
that includes a resume, references, identification, letters of...

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