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The Job of a Lawyer.
Lawyers help people who need help with legal issues and financial issues. They represent clients in a courtroom and try to help them succeed in a case. Lawyers can specialize in a specific field of law such as, finance and insurance, federal government, local government, and state government.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ¬¬Lawyers have to spend long hours researching their client’s cases. The job of a lawyer is important because anybody who needs legal help will have to go to a lawyer.
Lawyers have many duties to do. Lawyers advise and represent businesses, individuals, or groups. They communicate with their clients and the judges who are deciding their case. They research the legal ...view middle of the document...

(“Lawyers.”Encyclopedia 59). To become a higher ranked lawyer, which is usually a criminal lawyer, you have to have seven years of studying after high school. Lawyers usually take courses such as, English, History, Social Science,¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ and Economics. Lawyers would also have to graduate from an approved law school by the ABA. You would also have to take the ABA’s state written exam. (“Lawyers.” U.S).
Lawyers who are just starting out there career don’t make as much as senior lawyers. A lawyer who is just starting out only makes about $55,000 a year. Lawyers who are just starting out in Federal Government make less, only making about $44,000 a year. Salaries for somebody who is entering private practice made about $80,000. (“Lawyers.” Encyclopedia.60). If you worked as a finance or an insurance lawyer, you make about $134,940. Senior lawyers working for the Federal Government make almost the same as Finance Lawyers, making $134, 690. Local Government and State Government make from $79,000 to $87,000. (“Lawyers.” U.S).
Lawyers with outstanding ability can take their career a long way. Novice Lawyers start usually small as law clerks, but if they improve, they have opportunities for advancement. Novice lawyers can get promoted to junior partner in Law Firms, or establish their own...

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