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Job Of A Police Officer Essay

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Police officers are some of the most important people in a society, and because of that they have a very risky and dangerous job, but also rewarding and exciting. Police officers work to protect public order, prevent crime, and arrest criminals. A police officers job can be very rewarding because helping people can feel really good. A police officers job is also very exciting and random because they never know what they will see when they respond to a call. Police officers are expected to go into dangerous and risky situations and defuse them, not every one likes to do that, some people just want to sit at a desk all day and be at peace. Police officers have a lot of responsibility, because ...view middle of the document...

Finally an individual must pass the police academy to become a police officer. All of these requirements are of course dependent on the police department. According to Police Officer Duties (2014) the skill sets of a police officer are “Knowledge of public relations in law enforcement, Knowledge of safe automobile operation involving the vehicle code, Knowledge of principles of first aid, Ability to be courteous but firm with the public, Ability to react quickly and calmly under emergency conditions, Ability to make sound decisions, and Skill in observation and memory of places, persons, names and incidents”. This is a lot of skill requirements, that not everyone has. In conclusion becoming a police officer is not an easy job, because there are a lot of legal requirements, medical and psychological exams, and make skill sets that a person must have before they officially become a police officer,
There are three different levels where a police officer can work and they are the federal, state, and local level. The federal level police officers work for government agencies. One of the biggest government agencies is the FBI. The FBI has it's own police force that is called Federal Bureau of Investigation Police (FBIP). The job of these police officers is to protect FBI owned building,properties and personnel from harm. These police officers are often confused with FBI agents, who are two totally different people. FBI agents go out and investigate crimes everywhere in the country, while the FBI police do not do that, but they simply protect FBI's properties.
The second level of police officers is the state police, or state troopers, or highway patrol. The jurisdiction of a state police officer is over the whole state. These police officers do not go into large cities to conduct investigations. In most of the states state troopers have more authority and receive more money for their work. But more authority and a bigger paycheck doesn't come very easily, state police troopers require more training and usually require experience in some sort of a police force. State troopers usually have many more automatic weapons and better equipment that are used to deal with situations that city police aren't used to. State police are trained to work in all sort of places and environments because they have to work everywhere in the state. State police are also trained to deal with different types of situations that the city police aren’t trained to do. One of those situations is hostage situations, some state police departments are trained to deal with hostage situations because they are very risky and dangerous. State police troopers are also more trained in vehicle pursuits. City police departments are trained on the basic of vehicle pursuits, but in most situations the state police is called in if the chase is becoming dangerous or the city police feel like they need more help. State police also have better equipment like swat vehicles,helicopters, and small...

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