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The values that are being expressed in this officer’s life are that he values his family and he values the rewards that come from his new job. When he realizes he has missed his son’s school play, he feels remorse and guilt. Especially, since this wasn’t the first incident relating to important events in his family’s life. Also, he values his new job as a detective in the property crime unit of the Criminal Investigation Division. He says the job is exciting and rewarding because he is getting real criminals, not just traffic offenders. He is doing something that is worthwhile. In addition, his dedication to his new position has shown that he values his job as a detective. He has ...view middle of the document...

As a result he may not understand why his wife has become so upset with him working so much. Therefore, his actions are showing that he values his family because he is providing for them, even though they may not see it that way.
Finally, his actions are also speaking to the fact that he does value his job. He is happy to go to work and work long hours just to get the job done. He is willing to miss special family events/occasions to do his job. These actions are unfortunately showing that he may value his job more than his family. However, since the wife had just recently came to the point where she may leave him, then now he has to make the decision what does he value more; his family or his job?
Avoiding Tension
It is possible to avoid tension between family and career in some situations. If an individual is going into a relationship knowing their significant other has a demanding career, then the likelihood of tension should be lessened. Since there would be no change in the relationship, then the tension between the family and career could be prevented. However, there would have to be that understanding to avoid the tension between the family and career.
On the other hand, not all situations start out with an individual having a demanding career. In the case of the officer and his family, the officer got promoted which led to a more demanding career then the one he had before. Ultimately, it led to his wife giving him the ultimatum of choosing his career or their family. In this case, since there was a change in the relationship it did cause tension between the family and the officer’s career. He was left in a position where he would have to choose one or the other. Therefore, depending on the situation tension can and cannot be avoided.

Dealing with Tension
There are ways to deal with the tension between...

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