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Job Outsourcing Essay

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The economy is one of the most varied topics on the political frontier that is constantly debated, though there is no obvious solution to the United States perpetual economic problems. Held within the crumbling economy of today, are many ongoing controversial issues that plague our once healthy nation. One such problem is job outsourcing, an issue with many schools of thought giving the topic its controversial nature.
     The exportation of jobs offshore is job outsourcing. This, to some, is believed to be a benefit to our economy. According to a brief report from the National Center for Policy Analysis, “Increased economic globalization has caused jobs to move to the United States as well as away from it, and because of the higher, increasing productivity of American workers, the jobs that move here pay more than the ones that leave”. In addition, the report stated an increase in product availability, stronger demand for United States jobs, competitive gains for small businesses and a rising standard of living as a benefit from outsourcing. A common detail among sources on job outsourcing was, those who are laid off commonly received higher paying jobs than previous jobs. “Over the past 15 years, corporations report an eighty-two percent increase in in-sourced jobs compared to a twenty-three percent increase in outsourced jobs.”
     The problems of outsourcing are it has immediate and constant affect on the unemployment rate, rising at a rate that shows no sign of slowing. The fact is it directly correlates to existing jobs of the United States, and their removal, creating progressively more jobless Americans than ever before. Though in the very distant future we can reap the benefits...

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