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Job Redesign Essay

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I found it very difficult to focus on one individual job or department that would be appropriate for the purpose of this assignment. That being the case, I chose to explore the many different avenues related to job redesign. The different methods of job design are not necessarily separate approaches. They are interrelated with various aspects overlapping. In addition there are many contextual factors which affect job design, these include:- Organizational culture and structure- The system of management and style of leadership- Personnel policies and procedures- CommunicationsFor job redesign to be successful it must be supported by belief from management as well as staff, and underpinned with continual training, policies, and procedures in addition to structured feedback. To prepare for job redesign within an organization, all members of the company would need to be involved in the planning of communications, policies, and working styles. This may have a cost effect on the time spent out of the business but it will ultimately provide for a better working environment. Job design should be a continuous and progressive movement in order to satisfy people's needs for growth and learning. It should be seen as a cumulative process, which does not end until individuals have reached (but not exceeded) their growth capacity.Organizational supports are also necessary to maintain and aid the development of job design. This involves commitment and support from management for the improvement of job design. Attention must be given to extrinsic factors, such as pay and working conditions as well as the removal of dissatisfaction in order to provide the right environment for job design. These methods would require little money or resources to set up. Initial communication about the concept(s) and training implementation would be required, however; the expenditure of time and money for this will be offset by increased productivity and profit.To motivate workers to give of their best the manager must give proper attention to the motivators or growth factors. Earlier approaches to job design concentrated on the restructuring of individual jobs and the application of three methods. These techniques are known as job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment.Job rotation is the most basic form of individual job design. It entails moving an individual from one post or duty to a different one. This rotation attempts to insert a little diversity and help eradicate boredom, moreover in the short-term. Nevertheless, if the responsibilities involved are all extremely routine and similar, after the employee is acquainted with the fresh task the job may rapidly prove unexciting once more. Job rotation may lead to the acquisition of additional skills but does not necessarily develop the level of skills. This method is not actually job design for the reason that neither the nature of the job nor the process of working is reorganized. However, job rotation may help the...

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