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Job Related Skills Report

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This report is to help Mr Green on what he is looking for when employing new staff members for Life Recruitment because the Job market is a competitive environment and it is essential for employees to show employers like Mr Green the general personal attributes that the employers are looking for.
Specific Attributes
Technical Knowledge
Technical knowledge is the specific knowledge/skills that are necessary for the employee to do their job, this may include the qualifications required for example a certain degree from university as well as other specific skills such as being able to drive. Technical knowledge is valued by employers because without them you will not have the skills to be able to do the job.
Good Working Procedures and Health and Safety
Good working procedures are systems put in place that employees must follow. Employers value good working procedures because they need an employee who is going to do their job properly, but also they need an employee who is able to follow instructions and keep the people around them safe. Also part of an employee having good working procedures is that they are able to follow the health and safety rules of the workplace for example if an employee is working in office you would expect them to have their bag under their desk because if this was not the case and the employee had their bag in the middle of the floor someone may trip over.
Good Working attitudes
A good working attitude involves an employee who is able to get on with the work they are given and does not complain about the work they are given. Employers value a good working attitude in employees because they want a hard worker who will do the job that they have to, they also value a good working attitude because it makes the employers job easier because they will not have to waste time phoning employees up and seeing if they are coming in to work because they have not come to work on time.
General attributes
Planning skills
Employers value employees with planning skills because they want an employee who is able to do their job on time but also someone who they can rely on if they want them to plan an event for them such as a meeting, also employers value employees with planning skills because if you have planning skills it helps you manage your workload and also it saves the employers time because the employer will not have to chase the employee up to do the work.
Organisational skills
Employers value employees with organisational skills because they want an employee who is well prepared and they want employee who is able to show up to meetings on time if it is necessary. Also employers value employees with organisational skills because an employee with organisational skills can manage changes to their work load and the employer can ensure that the employee will complete all jobs efficiently.
Time management
Time management skills are when someone is able to manage their time effectively. Employers value an employee with time...

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