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Job Research: Interesting Career Opportunities Essay

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While there are a lot of career opportunities for me I decided to report on the three that I found to be the most interesting. These careers were based off my results from Career Cruising. I took into consideration the education that I am required to get as well as the average salary. I feel that these careers fit my strengths and will give me the best opportunity to succeed in life.
My first career choice would be as a Multimedia Developer. They generate and manipulate graphic images, animations, sound, text and video into consolidated and seamless multimedia programs. In order to become a Multimedia Developer you are only required to have a two-year degree in multimedia or technical training. However the best ones have an education of four years or more. The pay rate for a Multimedia Developer depends on the location and how good of a job you do. The average salary around the United States is anywhere between $35,000 and ...view middle of the document...

My second option would be to become an Architect. An Architect plans and design buildings such as homes, schools, office towers and other kinds of structures. They give builders and contractors written instructions to follow to ensure the building is finished on time and handle most of the paperwork. An Architect is required to have a minimum four-year degree but most complete a five-year Bachelor of Architecture program. Then they are required to work at least three years under the supervision of a licensed architect. This allows them to gain the requisite work experience for licensure. Finally, they are required to pass a series of professional exams known as the Architect Registration Examination. In the United States, an Architect can make anywhere between $55,000 to $120,000 yearly. The average starting pay for an Architect in the state of Kansas is roughly around $53,000. The more experienced people in the field can make as much as $82,000 a year.
If I stay patient and continue to work hard I believe I could become a successful architect. They make great money and get to design the buildings and houses we walk in everyday. I have decent drawing skills and excellent math skills. While it may take awhile to be able to really go out there and start designing on my own, I am willing to wait.
My third option would be to become an Industrial Designer. They are in charge of creating manufactured products such as cars, electronics, appliances and other everyday items. They research cost, materials, production methods and safety of new products. They also get to create models and prototypes of designs and may help design packaging or promotional materials. To become a Industrial designer a person will need at minimum two-years of college education or technical training. However, in order to make top-notch money a company may require you to have a four year degree or higher. An Industrial Designer in the United States can command a salary anywhere between $35,000 to $94,000 a year. The average starting pay in Kansas is $. The more experienced Industrial designer can make up to $.
The reason I would like to achieve a career as an Industrial Designer is because I would like to design my own products.

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