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Running head: JOB ANALYSIS TABLE Job Analysis TableUniversity of PhoenixJob Analysis Table 1Job Performance ProfilesJob Performance Profiles are used for providing a way to describe deliverables that are required from an employee who provides superior performance. They are more than mere job description, which traditionally lists the skills, experience, and education. Performance Profiles tend to focus more on what a person does with the skills, experience, and education more than just having them. The requirements should be redefined to show what needs to get done than what a person needs to have, whether external or internal. Also, inputs are not as important as the outcomes. Author Lou Adler in his book, Hire with Your Head, has found that every job has six to eight critical performance objectives that ultimately determine success within predictable categories. Creating the performance objectives starts by asking what the person taking the job needs to do to be successful, not what the person needs to have.An example would be to use the SMARTe performance objectives:Specific details of needs to be doneMeasurable amounts of change or percent of changeAction oriented using action verbsResults defined defines what needs to happenTime based refers to how long from start to finishEnvironment is the culture, pace, resources available, politics, etc.Performance objective categories that should be considered are the major objectives, supporting or sub-objectives, management and organization issues, changes and improvements, problems, technical Issues, team and people issues, long-range, and creative, or strategic needs. Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) wants to incorporate their new customer service strategy into the job performance profiles for all employees, which should provide the foundation in understanding how employee contributions are vital to the success and overall competitiveness of the company. Reflected in the six job performance profiles are the important elements of the job description, expectations, and the measurement for success.Store ManagerThe job performance profile for the store manager should include in to the job description in supporting the new customer service strategy measurable performance and success standards based on the internal equity, external competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. The store manager is responsible for excellent quality customer service including any complaints, which should be handled immediately.CashierThe job performance profile for the cashier would have the same focus on customer service since this position is the customer's focal point of KFF. It is so important for this person in this position to always be smiling and assisting customers at checkout.Stock PersonThe job performance profile for the stock person is an essential element because they are the ones who make sure that the products are available and displayed properly for the customer. The evaluation of the stock person should be done the...

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