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Job Analysis And Selection Inter Clean

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Job Analysis and Selection InterCleanNatalie DavisHRM/531Professor Wanda TaylorOctober 7, 2010When two companies merge together there is a possibility major changes will impact the company structure and business strategy. InterClean is the process of merging with EnviroTech, a smaller corporation but specializes in full service, and InterClean specializes in products. The merging of the two companies will InterClean in the direction of its business strategy of becoming a global company.As part of the merger and new business strategy the company will have to get through reorganization to accommodate the staff and create a winning sales team. It will be a necessity to evaluate the staffing needs of the sales department to be sure the right sales staff are put into place. With the business strategy changing the needs of the sales department has changed also. A job analysis and workforce plans should be created and from this new teams can be assembled.A job analysis describes the process of obtaining information about jobs; this information usually includes information about the tasks to be done on the job, as well as the personal characteristics necessary to do the tasks. ( Cascio, 2005 p.158) A job analysis should consist of task requirements, job specification, which outlines worker job requirements.To study job analysis the standard methods available are observation, job performance, interview, critical incidents, and questionnaires. Every method has different strengths and weakness and when used together are a powerful set of tools. For the purpose of this job analysis I believe that observation, job performance and interviews will be the correct methods. The analyst will perform the duties of the position and documents the skills throughout the experience in a job performance study. In observation the analyst will observe employees during normal business hours. Interviews with employees will consist of each employee answering the same series of questions. Interviews can produce false results, if employees are not honest with his or her answers.With the use of job analysis, it was determined that the following main job duties and specifications in the new sales department, excellent communication, problem solving, customer service, sales and product and service knowledge. Job analysis is the first step in implementing the changes for the company. The job descriptions and job specifications in the job analysis will be used together with a workforce planning system to guide further planning, training, and development efforts.Workforce planning system is " an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands on an organization, and to provide qualified people to fulfill...

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