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Do people really like their jobs? Definitely, everyone knows from the news about dissatisfied workers going on strike or even acting violently toward their supervisors, directors, but overall people are quite satisfied with their jobs. According to the surveys percentage of satisfied people averages in the US is about 85 percent. The feelings, reflecting attitudes toward one's job, are known as job satisfaction.Settings, related to the personnel job satisfaction and devotion to the company, are presenting special interest for the theory of organizational behavior and practice of human resource management.A discussion of the job satisfaction problem concentrates attention on the employees' attitude toward their job, and a discussion of organization devotion -on the attitude toward the organization in the whole.What is job satisfaction once more?Lock gives a following detail definition of job satisfaction: " pleasant, positive emotional condition coming from your job evaluation or job experience."1 Job satisfaction is a result of the very employees perception of the fact for how much their job provides important, from their viewpoint, things.There are three most important parameters of job satisfaction. First, job satisfaction represents emotional reaction for the situation lay at the office. It's impossible to see it, it can be only experienced. Second, job satisfaction is defined often by that extent how much results of work correspond to expectations. For instance, if organization employees see they work much more, than other department employees, but receive less for that, more probably, they will have negative attitude toward their job, supervisor and colleagues.They will experience dissatisfaction feeling. From another hand, if they see, they get favorable attitude and materially rewarded, their attitude toward the job will be positive. They will experience satisfaction feeling from their job. Third, through job satisfaction some another settings are expressed. Smit, Hendall and Hulin suppose that there is five parameters of job, most exactly characterizing it from the viewpoint of those affective reactions, which job causes by people. These parameters are enumerated below:1.Job itself. The extent, in which job gives people interesting assignments, opportunities to perceive new, experience responsibility feeling for the job laid upon.2.Payment. The sum of money reward, which is paid for the job, and that in which way the given sum corresponds to reward, receiving by other organization member.3.Promotion possibilities. Career promotion opportunities.4.Management. The capacity of a head to provide as technical, as moral support.5.Colleagues. The extent of technical knowledge of colleagues and the level of social support.2Factors influencing on Job SatisfactionLet's mark several factors, influencing on Job Satisfaction. For example, last research show that if after college graduation students are immediately employed according their...

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1263 words - 6 pages several employee related outcomes has received the attention of scholars. Recent studies have considered the impact of environmental standards adoption on labor productivity (Delmas & Pekovic, 2013), attraction of job seekers by high corporate social performance firms (Jones, Willness, & Madey, 2013; Kim & Park, 2011), the effect of leader’s ethical behavior on employee job satisfaction (Koh & Boo, 2001), and the leadership impact on employees’ pro

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2821 words - 12 pages Introduction 1.1 Background of the study Job satisfaction is one criterion for establishing the strength of an organization; description effective services largely depends on the human source (Fitzgerald et al., 1994) and job satisfaction experienced by employees will affect the quality of service they render. The job satisfaction is look on their job performance. Job satisfaction has been defined as a positive emotional state resulting from