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Job Satisfaction And Employee Motivation Essay

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Job Satisfaction and Employee Motivation


The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how motivation is instilled in the workplace with co-workers and oneself. In addition, objects that make the job satisfying will be discussed.


Motivation is something that can come and go in an instant. The workplace often can be a fun and enjoyable place, but other times it can be the pit of hell. Not only do most of us cope with stress, fatigue, mental and physical anguish, but we must also complete the mission that is set forth for us. Motivation is delivered in many different ways. Each person may be different, but sometimes we share the same types of motivation with others. A soldiers motivation usually starts when he or she enlists, as this is a voluntary action they have taken, were they motivated by pride, anger, or even a sense of wanting a larger family. We may never know all the answers, but we can see how they are motivated.

Early on as a soldier each person must go through basic training. This basic training is used to teach new recruits some of the basic things to keep them alive. The new soldiers learn skills from the common skills manuals. The manual contains critical common tasks that support unit wartime missions. Some of the skills that are trained are first aid, how to employ land mines, patrolling, basic marksmanship, different weapons, communication, survival techniques, land navigation, crowd control, protect against a nuclear biological chemical attack, customs and laws of war, and handling remains. No matter what the task or skill it is essential that each person have a buddy. These buddies are your motivation; they are your friends, your confidant. Often times a group of soldiers will travel together in a road march or some type of organized fashion. When doing so they often sing songs that provide motivation to keep them going. These songs or chants are usually something funny, but can be very serious.

Being an officer in the United States Army has provided me with many opportunities to meet new people and gain new friends. When one of those people I have met is shipped away to a foreign land to fight for the freedoms we so graciously have been given it provides another great sense of motivation. One that is not over in the sandy desert can only hope and pray that those who are there will all come home alive. This motivates men and women around the world to do what is right and just. People often wonder why we are there doing what we do, but it really can't be described until you go there, once you...

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