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Job Satisfaction Paper Define Job Satisfaction (Js) Impact That Organization Socialization Has On Js And The Positivies Describe Relationships Between Business Commitment And Job Satisfaction

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The writer will introduce research concerning the concept of job satisfaction. In the paper one will define job satisfaction and explain the impact that organizational socialization has on job satisfaction. Additionally, one will provide an example of how a business can use organizational socialization and commitment positively to impact job satisfaction. Finally, one will describe the relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction is defined as with regard to one's feelings or state-of-mind regarding the nature of their work and can influence a variety of factors. One factor concerning satisfaction is with the nature of work ...view middle of the document...

Job satisfaction has more to do with an employee's attitude, performance, adaptability, and identity, which are the four criteria's for an effective career (Hall, 1987). The socialization processes that are considered as job longevity and organizational longevity have been important situational factors, which help shape the employee's reaction and attitude. An employee's relationship within the workplace depends upon his or her job and career pace. This individuals career pace will take in account of how long an employee has been working on the same job.

An employee who been on the job 10 years versus an employee whose been on the job a few weeks will have a different outlook in the organization especially if the veteran employee has remained in their current position for some time or has done the same job since he or she has been with the organization. An employee who is new to his or her job will respond in a more positive way in terms of satisfaction, to feedback from job measurement compared to a veteran some veterans. There are times when an experienced employee will respond more to task significance compared to a new employee, in some opinions. A new employee is more than likely to show more willingness to be helpful when it is necessary and becoming an important part of an operation as oppose to the veteran who is more concerned with establishing and showing how knowledgeable he or she is. An employee who has more socialization skills can adjust better within an organization and will have more positive outcomes in the organization in which he or she works.

A team of satisfied employees is the goal of any organization. Employees who are satisfied with their job will attend work regularly, perform well, and plan to remain with the organization for a long time. The process by which an individual makes the move from outsider to organizational member is defined as organizational socialization. During this transitional phase, an individual will learn to how to effectively perform the job while could get along with other members of the organization. The human resources department handles the first phase of new employee indoctrination. Organizations can have a huge impact on job satisfaction by appointing a trusted senior employee to guiding the new employee within the organization. Senior employees usually display high levels of emotional stability, conscientiousness, and extraversion. This mentorship would be helpful for a new employee by explaining job specific language, acronyms, and unwritten rules of the organization. Under the guidance of a senior employee the new employees will find it easier to be likable and trusted by peers. Social acceptance, role clarity, and self-efficacy are vital components to job satisfaction. With the proper guidance new employees can perform well, get along with others, and become satisfied with the job.

Organization Commitment is defined as the sensation of responsibility that an employee...

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