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Job Shadow Essay

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English 11January 14, 2014Job Shadow Analysis EssayToday, January 13, 2014, I selected to job shadow Mrs. King of Halifax Area High School because I couldn't find anyone to shadow in the career of my choosing, but Mrs. King had to go schooling for forensics in order to become a biology teacher. I wasn't really too interested in job shadowing a biology teacher because that's not what I'm looking to go to college for, but Mrs. King gave me great insight as to what people have to do in order to receive their degree in forensics. I spent the day watching and helping Mrs. King teach and how her typical day works. During the interview, I asked her questions, and she answered, as she was going along with her lesson plans but I wasn't able to catch it all. Instead of learning all about becoming a forensic technician, I certainly learned a lot about becoming a teacher. And maybe, just maybe, that's what I would like to do for the rest of my life. My favorite experience of the day was interacting with all different types of people and how different each class is from each other.Bright and early in the morning, Mrs. King will arrive to school and often perform hallway duty with Mrs. Enders until she has to be in her room to take attendance. Once she collects her morning attendance, Mrs. King will prepare her lesson plans for the day and quiet down her students. After they are all calmed down, then she will present her lesson plans to her students. Depending on the length of the day, the level of the day, and how many students are in the classroom will depend on what the day will bring and how many assignments she will give out to her students. Double days, like today, are very extensive classes for the students and the teacher, both, but it's a win-win situation for everybody. The students get extra time to work on their assignments and Mrs. King is able to get papers graded or get the next classes lesson's planned.Although each one of Mrs. King's class is different, she'll use the same type of set-up every day that way she can always be prepared for what the day brings her and that way she is well prepared. Since Mrs. King is a well prepared teacher, she gets more family time with her family and less stress on her self. The less stress a person has the better their functions will be.The work area in which where I went, was inside of the Halifax Area High School. This job isn't hectic or tense as others would usually think, it's more calm and laid back than not (depending on which classes she has). Sometimes people are walking in and out of the classroom during periods, or to come and talk to Mrs. King or...

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