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Job Shadowing Experience Essay

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Within the leasing office, there are three employees (outside of maintenance). These three employees are Angie, Kendal, and Amy. Even though I did not get to see the dynamic with all three of them working together, I can tell that they make a great team. Individually, however, they each have their own responsibilities. Aside from duties that only property managers are responsible for, the team splits up various tasks that need to be completed. Angie is responsible for social media, asset management, and new construction (such as phase 2). Kendal is responsible for resident communication, delinquency, and renewals. Amy is still new, but she focuses her spare time on collections and renewals. ...view middle of the document...

There is never a dull moment at Legacy.
As far as software goes, Legacy (and probably all of the J.C. Hart properties) uses OneSite and YieldStar. YieldStar is a statistic based revenue management system that determines where rent rates should be set. One unique characteristic about Legacy is that they do not have pricing sheets. Instead, their apartment rental rates change daily (at 4 a.m. to be exact). OneSite is a program that works with YieldStar. OneSite is what the staff uses on a daily basis for typical operations.
A typically work schedule for the leasing staff at Legacy is forty hours per week. Angie suggested that in order to attain the level of service desired for their property, forty hours is not enough to meet these expectations. The apartment community is open seven days a week with varied hours on the weekend. The hourly employees get forty hours and must go home after as not to accumulate overtime. Angie, however, is on a salary so she typically works a fifty-hour workweek just to complete the necessary duties within her position. Lunch schedules seemed to be a challenge. An hour lunch is the goal for scheduling. Sometimes lunches have to be delayed or even skipped in order to accommodate the needs of the apartment community. Angie also said that it was easier for larger communities to stick to a regular lunch schedule because there were more people to cover for the person absent due to lunch. A five-day workweek is still expected in this industry. Typically the leasing staff arrives at least fifteen minutes early in the morning in order to stock/open the café, clean the windows, and straighten up the fitness center. The difference with this type of workweek, however, is that the two consecutive days off will probably not be on Saturday and Sunday, but rather during the week.
The girls had both positive and negative things to say about the dress code at J.C. Hart. Angie, who feels like the dress code at J.C. Hart is a bit strict, was not wearing a corporate approved outfit the Saturday that I worked with her. She had on black (almost) cropped pants, a v-neck shirt (that may or may not have passed for business attire) and a J.C. Hart sweater. J.C. Hart does not have a uniform, but instead suggest approved pieces, colors, shoes, etc. Kendal showed me a recent email they received from corporate. In the email, they suggested core pieces like well-tailored slacks, skirts, and blazers. These pieces, though, should be purchased in neutral colors like black, gray, navy, beige, etc. They also have rules that clothing and ties should be free of snags and stains and that skirts should be no more than 2” above the knee. J.C. Hart encourages trendy shoes in order for employees to shoe personality. For men, any shirt that does not have a J.C. Hart logo must be worn with a tie. One of the most unique aspects of J.C. Hart’s dress code is that they provide a clothing allowance. Twice a year, full-time associates may spend up to $550 on...

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