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Job Specification In Five Department Essay

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Department : Marketing
Vacant Position : Marketing Manager
Responsibility and duties
• Responsible for Projects management and operational execution for marketing the product creatively, and managing by monitoring production timelines schedule.
• Able to develop and enhance marketing strategies in leading organization mission and vision of the organization
• Have worldwide marketing strategies and product position knowledge.
• Familiar with brand marketing, products life cycle planning, develop product strategies, promotion products and new products launch strategies.

• Preferable a Marketing Bachelor Degree and above.
• Minimum 6 years experiences
• Experience in event management and show case demo are preferable.
• Strong interpersonal skilled with good communication and presentation skills.
• Fluently in written and verbal English language.
• Highly motivated person and pro-active attitude.
• Highly leadership skilled in team management.
• Excellence in Microsoft Office software especially in PowerPoint Excel.
• Willing to be working overtime and under pressured condition, if required.

Department : Finance
Vacant position : Finance Analyst

Responsibilities and duties
• Responsible to provide information and counsel in the areas of risk of business,marketing,budgeting,return of investment,pricing,costing and overall business planning strategies.
• Responsibilities to do financing,accounting and business analysis for organization and competitors.
• Responsible to develop the solution to solve the business challenges.
• Responsible to provide the financial support to larger profitable department and accounts.
• Responsible in handlinf ad-hoc financial matters and projects assigned, if required.
• Responsible in economis trends in market and have basic knowledge as analyst.

• Minimum Bachelor inFinance and Accounting field and above, fresh graduate is preferable.
• Able to work as mobility in Malaysia
• Minimum with 3 years working experince in finance and accounting field.
• Independent working and able to work with minimum supervision.
• Excellent iin interpersonal and communication skilled.
• Experience and familiar with any accounting software such as USB and MYOB have advantage.
• Willing to work overtime and under pressure, if required.

Deparment : Human Resources
Vacant Position : Contact Center Advisor Job

Responsibilities and duties
• Responsible in resolving Intel employee’s Human Resource-related queries and issues.
• Able to diagnose the employees issues, investigation and developing the reccomendations for resolutions...

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