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Jobs Essay

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Do you know that employers are overly concerned with the employees they hire nowadays, unlike in the recent past? Now you do. Essentially, the process of hiring an employee can have a great impact on the future of a company, and hence there are several key concerns employers raise during interviews. In fact, according to a recent research, it has emerged that finding and keeping the right employee has become one of the trendiest issues with employers nowadays. This can be attributed to the fact that HR professionals believe that only the top talent is quite indispensable to the company’s success especially during the modern day harsh economic times.
While it’s pretty obvious that you might feel overwhelmed by the assortment of questions you anticipate as you prepare for an interview, you preparation can be somewhat stress-free if you focus key concerns employers have. This means that you must realize that nearly all interview questions are designed based on the following key concerns employers may have while hiring and managing an employee.

1. Skill and knowledge
Despite today’s weak job market, competition for viable talent based on skills and knowledge is still one of the biggest concerns employers have. In most instances, employers certainly believe that these dimensions are very crucial when it comes to predicting the success of a potential hire. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if you possess the required skills and knowledge to handle the job at hand and become a productive employee within a reasonable amount of time. For an employer who wouldn’t like to spend more money training a new hire, demonstration of skills and knowledge concerning the job through analysis of previous employee experience is indeed a vital concern.
As much as it’s quite evident that most employers think of employee’s skills in terms of job-specific expertise, they are somewhat easier to learn once an employee is in a functional role. In fact critics believe that one of the most colossal mistakes that employers make is placing too much emphasis on knowledge since if foundational skill is present and the position is flexible enough, learning additional skills can go a long way in making an employee even more productive.

2. Personal characteristics
In essence, personal characteristics are as important as one’s personal character since they contribute a lot to the unchangeable part in a potential...

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