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Jobs Analysis

2390 words - 10 pages

Submitted to : Dr. Khai Nguyen
Submitted by : Do Van Tu
ID No. : CGS00016628
Class : MBAOU1113-K12C
Ho Chi Minh City, Oct 2014

Page 1
1. Company's Overview and Job Position
1.1. Company's Introduction
HKK Co., Ltd. was formally established and put into operation in 1989 with the
production of business is zippers. Along with the development of Vietnam's textile and
garment industry, each year, the company invests in technology and new machinery,
continuous improvement, quality finishing products and services, improve credibility and
capabilities HKK brand competition.
Currently, HKK has become a leading brand zipper Vietnam, and is the first choice of
the well-known fashion brands in the country and the world.
To meet the market development of zippers and garment industry in 2013-2015, the
company had planned the mission and vision of HKK during this period.
1.2. Mission & Vision
HKK is to provide our customers with zippers product quality with reasonable price, the
customer created the prestige of Vietnam Textile and Garment industry.
 Building factories zippers professional to meet the increasing needs of diverse
 Construction company culture, and building employee-friendly work environment,
equality, mutual interest, creating opportunities for advancement and development.
 Interested in social communities and the environment, and help share the spirit as
well as physically.
 Provide stable quality products, good prices, timely customer convenience.
 Construction nurturing relationships, cooperation and sustainability with partners
and customers.

Page 2
1.3. Strategy and market
The strategy
 Complete management organizations system in the manufacturing and financial
functions, materials and labor.
 Expansion of production space, put the plant into operation in Tan Uyen, using
modern technology and equipment.
 Building strong domestic market, noting development potential market as the
company markets.
 Strengthening workforce training and retraining of skilled, qualified workers and
leadership teams.
 Sourcing raw materials to ensure quality and reasonable prices, closely linked
companies have strategic relationships.
On the market
 For the export market
 Must maintain existing markets and develop relationships.
 Flexible pricing, product quality assurance and on-demand delivery schedule.
 Analysis of customer choice and preferential policies for each type of customer.
 Developing new markets.
 Strengthen marketing, participating in...

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