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There are a lot of reasons motivating people to work, such as their happiness, interests and self-esteem. However, it is important that jobs can influence people to keep their ambitions to achieve their goals, to satisfy their basic needs and to focus on one thing with their passion. Florence Nightingale gave up financial support from her family since she had an ambition to improve England’s medical and healthcare environment in the 19th century. And during my high school, “my job” offered me a suitable chance to reach my aim, too. In “Workers” by Richard Rodriguez, undocumented physical labor who comes from Mexico works in the U.S. to earn money for their basic needs. Furthermore, in Carl Rowan’s short story, “Unforgettable Miss Bessie,” Miss Bessie, a high school teacher with a plenty of knowledge, uses her passion to educate Africa American. According to these three people and me, jobs are so important for everyone because people need some ways to satisfy their ambitions, money for basic needs and passion on doing something.
Individuals have their own goals in their lives. Their ambitions prompt them to make great efforts to achieve their senses of accomplishments. In this way, jobs are important since they can provide many ways for ambitious people to complete their goals. Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. When she was young, she had an ambition to improve the medical environment in England. Due to her ambition, her heart told her that she had one thing to finish and should not give up. She decided to go abroad to do more researches, to give lectures, to help wounded soldiers in the Crimean War and to attend some discussions for solving this problem. Nightingale worked many years but her ambition didn’t change or disappear. Before long, Nightingale made great progress in the England medical and healthcare environment. She worked neither for parents’ hopes nor for her personal incomes. Therefore, the ambition that started to bud inside her heart has affected her life time. I also shared a similar feeling with Nightingale that a job was a key to open a new door of my aims. In high school, I was ambitious to be a respected leader. Fortunately, I passed an interview of the Student Union in my freshmen year. Although I sometimes complained about my heavy workload when I was still not a leader, my ambition reminded me that I should go for it since it was not easy to get a chance to be successful. After two years, my effort as well as my ambition resulted in get the chief of the Student Union. I felt grateful that I had “a job” to assist me in completing my goal and understanding my ambition was a significant key during this process.
Most people work for their basic needs which can support their daily lives. Money can’t solve every problem in our society but people cannot live...

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