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Jobs In The Service Industry: Calling Center

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In the current world, workplace can be either a beneficial place or the worst place to be for employees. The worst case happens especially in the service industry, such as the call centre, where there is a high level of control and job demands among employees (Castanheira and Chambel 2010). This eventually leads to employee burnout which is a major problem in the workplace. The purpose of this essay is to discuss how job demands contribute to employee burnout based on different findings by several researchers. Firstly, this essay will focus on defining what is job demands and burnout through the development of the job demand-resource model (JD-R Model) (Demerouti et al. 2001). Secondly, some relevant motivation theories that are related to employee burnout will be discussed. Lastly, this essay will focus on some managerial implications that managers should consider to reduce employee burnout.
Demerouti et al. (2001) define job demands as any social, physical, organizational factors of a job that require constant mental or physical effort which consequently cause psychological or physiological cost such as exhaustion. On the other hand, they define job resources as any factors that help employees in cultivating employees’ performance, minimizing the impact of job demands and enhance employee’s personal development and improvement. Their research was on challenging the idea that employees in the service industry are more likely to experience employee burnout. However, their findings are aligned with the JD-R model (Appendix 1) and discover that employees in the service industry are in fact experience burnout easily due to the high level of job demands. Interestingly, they found that where a high level of job demands present, exhaustion will be high but not disengagement. Conversely, when the level of job resources is low, there will be a high level of job disengagement but not exhaustion. This finding is supported by Hu et al (2011) with their research in incorporating the additive and joint effects in the JD-R model among Chinese employees. They found that the burnout that caused by the level of job demands and organizational outcomes, are experienced by both white and blue collar employees. They also found that job resources are inversely proportional to burnout and concluded that job resources and job demands have an impact on employee burnout and engagement. It is evident that both findings support the argument that job demands do contribute to employee burnout in any working field.
Moreover, Brauchli et al. (2013) did a research on the stability of the factors in the JD-R model (job demand resources, work engagement and burnout) proposed by Demerouti et al. over the period of three years. They discover that the amount of job resource stability was around 50%, job demands is only around one third, work engagement is around 60% and for burnout is 45%. This implies that the positive factor is more stable than negative. Moreover, they...

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