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Good jobs for psychology majors are available for those who have earned a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree. Psychology courses train individuals to work effectively with others, conduct tests and assessments and correct behavioral problems. There are opportunities for psychology majors to work in clinics, schools, early childhood centers, business, health clinics, hospitals and correctional institutions.

Jobs for People with a BA in Psychology

Good jobs for psychology majors who have earned a bachelor's degree can be found at agencies, daycare centers and schools. Positions include personnel administration, recreation workers, early childhood educator, teacher assistant, personal aide, market research assistants, statistician, research assistant, community relations officers and social service jobs. Psychology majors with a bachelor's degree can use their training to work effectively with others. They have knowledge of child development. In addition, they understand behavior and learn effective ways to promote positive behaviors. They also learn how to conduct research and use statistics.

Those with a bachelor's degree in psychology can also seek work for the Federal Government. There are a variety of jobs that are good for candidates who have earned a psychology degree. These include psychology technician, employment assistant specialist, correctional officer, social science analyst and developmental specialist. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for administrator and professional jobs which do not request a specific degree to apply. To get a federal government job you may need to test for a position. In addition, employers look at experience and education. If you qualify for a position your name will be added to a list and you will receive a call when a position becomes available.

Jobs for People with a Masters in Psycholgy

Good jobs for psychology majors who earn a master's degree are those that are available in clinical, school and business settings. Jobs are available for master...

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