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Jodi Arias Should Receive The Death Penalty

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Jodi Arias Should Receive the Death Penalty
Jodi Arias should receive the death penalty for violently murdering Travis Alexander. Arias planned on murdering Alexander when she traveled to Arizona. Arias brutally murdered a man who did not want to be in a relationship with her and then Arias lied about it. Alexander’s family and friends would like to see her receive the death penalty. Arias also said she would like the death penalty in an interview. Arias has been manipulative and deceiving through the trial and she made statements that were defamatory to Alexander’s character. She is not remorseful for what she has done.
Arias drove to Arizona from Northern California with the ...view middle of the document...

Arias is a cold blooded murderer.
Arias wants to be in prison so she can keep lying and deceiving people. She wants people to send her money and money that she says will go towards domestic abuse victims. Arias does not need to represent a domestic abuse organization because she is a cold-blooded killer.
Arias has been deceiving and manipulating through the whole process. She planned on murdering Alexander and went through many precautions to protect herself. She also met up with another man in Utah so she would have an alibi. After Alexander’s body was discovered, she called the investigator to ask questions about his death. She denied murdering him at first. She then changed her story and said it was self-defense. She has only said terrible, defamatory things about him. She has a history of lying and deceiving people.
Alexander’s family would like Arias to receive the death penalty. The day that Arias was found guilty, David Hall, Alexander’s friend, made a statement to reporters as he was leaving court saying that he wanted Arias to receive the death penalty. Hall said, “Five long years… of lying, manipulating. Now the citizens of Arizona have spoken. If what she did to Travis does not justify the death penalty in America today, then what do we have it for?” (Gaynor A4). The jury should take in consideration what his family and friends want since he was taken so quickly and violently from their lives.
In May 2013, the jury could not come to a decision on whether or not Arias should get a death sentence. That jury could not come up with a unanimous decision so a new jury will be selected. If the new jury cannot come to a unanimous decision then the death penalty will no longer be an option. The new jury was supposed to meet in March 2014 to decide, but that has been rescheduled for September 8, 2014. Two attorneys, Mark O’Mara and Eboni Williams, spoke to HLN-TV about the sentencing. O’Mara said, “She seemed to have planned it,...

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