John Adams, His Work And Politcal Career, Precedency And His Life.

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SECOND UNITED STATES PRESIDENTTHE PURITANHenry Adams, a Puritan, in 1636, came with his wife from Barton St. Davidin Somerset County, England to settle in America. He earned enough money to buya farm ten miles south of Boston later called Braintree.The third generation of Adams, still in Braintree was John Adams, the fatherof our second president. He was a farmer, shoemaker, as well as deacon which isan assistant minister of the Puritan Church nearby.John was born to Deacon Adams on October 30, 1735. He lived a normalcolonial life.THE STUDENTDeacon Adams wanted John, just like his uncle, to graduate from HarvardCollege in Cambridge, Massachusetts and continue on to be a minister. John hadother plans. He had studied in private school, then went to public school. Histeacher was Joseph Cleverly. He did not like him. John partially quit schooland his father then asked him what he would do for a living. He said he wouldbe a farmer, so his father took him to the farm one day and showed him how muchwork it was.When he was sixteen, John was persuaded to be interviewed at HarvardCollege. He was given a very hard passage in Latin to translate into English.He thought he would fail. But then he was told that he may use a dictionary.He passed satisfactory and he was accepted to Harvard.When Adams arrived at Harvard, there were ninety students there. He enteredin the fall of 1751 and at the end of the year, ranked fourteenth in a class oftwenty-eight.In the summer of 1753, John had joined a reading club. A reading club waswhere a group of students would read and or translate passages or poems. Johnlearned that he had an ability for public speaking.In his senior year, John had begun to keep a diary. He spoke of many thingsin his diary. He really started his diary because of an earthquake in Cambridgein 1755. He couldn't resist making a few notes about the earthquake. He wouldalso write about the weather in his diary. He also was deciding in his diarywhether to be a minister or not. His father was pushing him to be one. At theend of his senior year, John decided he was not going to be a minister. Hedecided to become a school teacher, temporarily.THE LAWYERAt his graduation, Adams was in a debate. His topic was 'Liberty cannotexist without law.' He was very good. He was heard by the minister of Wocester,Mass. He offered him a school teaching job. In the summer of 1755, John tookon his new job as a school teacher.Wocester was located forty miles from Braintree. John read as many booksas he could. He also still kept his diary. He started writing in his diaryabout the climate or 'the air'. Just as students thought Joseph Cleverly was adull teacher, Adams himself thought he was dull. He was either writing papersor daydreaming all day long. He knew his future was not as a school teacher.In 1756, John ended his uncertainty about his career. He announced he wouldbecome a lawyer. First he had to move into the house of James Putnam, consideredthe best lawyer in the...

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