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John Andre
John Andre was born in London to his French Protestant parents in 1780. His father was a merchant, born in Geneva, Switzerland and his mother was born in France and moved to England as a young girl. As a teen, he was sent to England for education purposes. John returned to London in 1767 and two years later, in 1769 his father passed away. He always looked at the military life and knew that he wanted to pursue a career in that field. He worked his way up to becoming a British lieutenant in Canada but faced many challenges after doing so.
When Andre was young and went off to further his education, he became fluent in English, French, German, and Italian. He drew and painted, wrote lyric and comic verse, as well as playing the flute. Education was very important to him. After finding out about his fathers death, he felt the need that it was his obligation to come home and start financially supporting his family. That same year, he fell in love with a women named Honora Sneyd who fell for him as well. After declaring their love for one another, John and Honora had to wait to get Hinoras guardians approval for marriage. “Honora found that her feelings for him had cooled. Andre decided now to follow his dream and join the army”. ( Major John Andre)
Once he was a soldier, he was captured as a prisoner of war and transferred to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In Lancaster, the prisoners were stored inside of barracks. Captured officers were housed in local inns. Andre was among the few officers who were allowed to reside with a local family. He resided with the Caleb Cope family. The Cope family became very
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close to Andre and helped him out by giving him everything he needed because of their close relationship. John gave art lessons to their eldest son. Now, in this...

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