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John Connors Short Story Essay

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John Connors - Short Story It was an calm day, and John Connors found himself resting at the side
of a large oak tree, admiring the beauty of the woods that surrounded

The sunless sky covered the woods over the treetops which created a
canopy over his head. The crimson and auburn foliage was a magnificent
sight as this was the season when the leaves had no more strength left
to hold themselves onto the branch of a tree. It was the falling
season. There was a gentle breeze, creating the single sound of
rustling leaves. The leaves made a patchwork quilt effect on the
ground that they lay upon. Layers upon layers of autumn leaves lay
upon the ground along with pine needles and other flora creating a
thick springy carpet to walk on.

In the distance the trail that John Connors had left behind was no
longer visible; a thick velvet mist was beginning to creep in
encompassing the footsteps and shrouding them from human eyes. Lining
the path were tall tress which stood hand in hand with one another,
living their lives peacefully in the still of the forest. They seemed
to be held down, giving a silent rhapsody of joy and grieving over
their lost leaves.

The wind was whistling with a hollow undertone, carrying the dampness
with it, while playing games with the fallen leaves, swirling them
around in the air and then dropping them like a pack of cards, teasing
them like the bully in the playground.

Along the way fallen timber accompanied thickets of weeds. A lazy mist
hazed the vision of any living object, making the horizon seem like
one from a story book. The area was imperturbable, as if it was
keeping a secret hidden deep within itself.


The odd ray of light fought its way through the canopy announcing the
sun was setting and nightfall was fast approaching. John had to find a
place where he could stay for the night. He marched on deep within the
forest, with no idea were he was going. He passed along a small stream
the sparkling blue water gave him hope and made him forget his
desperation. He could just see in the fading light his marred
reflection deep within the twinkling surface of the water. Scar upon
scar could be seen on his battered face. He kicked out at the
approaching mist in anger. This was no time to feel sorry for himself,
nightfall was approaching and he still hadn't found a place for the
night. The deathly silence continued to fill the forest's evening air.
Just as he lifted his gaze from the sparkling stream another
reflection stared back at him through the water.


A dark hooded apparition was visible in the waters sparkle. John
turned slowly his heart thudding with fear was their something behind
him? As he pivoted on the ball of his feet...

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