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What do you like to do when you have free time?

I spend my free time occupied in many different ways. What I am doing depends on what time of the week it is at that certain moment in the day. If it is during the week I will read a book or check and/or do my homework if I have not already completed it in school. When I have done those very essential things I will just help my parents around the house. Which includes folding my family’s clothes or doing some other chores. During the weekends I would sort all of our dirty clothes that we would put in the dirty clothes hamper. Which is my daily chore every Saturday. Another chore I do is whenever the trash cans get full I bring it to the big ...view middle of the document...

In the top left hand corner is where you put things that are urgent but not important. In the top right hand corner where you place the tasks you have to do that are important and urgent. This chart really helps me get organized.

What interest you about Cooper?

What interests me about the John Cooper School is the fact that it is a college preparatory school. In fact Cooper graduates traditionally have 100 percent college matriculation and are named National Merit Finalists and Semifinalists. Seniors in the Cooper class of 2010 were offered over 1 million dollars in merit scholarships and accepted over 250,000 dollars from organizations and academic institutions. I for one know that I want to attend John Cooper to be well prepared for college. Expectedly John Cooper is a very competitive and challenging school. Because of the diversity of students from various races and backgrounds, John Cooper presents a challenging learning environment that I look forward to being a part of because John Cooper has more extra curricular activities.

How would you describe yourself?

I believe I am a very unique person I strive to be altruistic even when I am grumpy. I always share as much as I can because as the adage goes “one good turn deserves another. I am very inquisitive so I will fit in to Coopers challenging environment easily. I am a very studious boy because...

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